Robot Radius

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September 2024


Life on Earth is all but extinct and the planet is now run by abiotic technologies. One last person has survived – a scientist, who is to complete transformation from physical into digital man. The doubts he harbours are perhaps the final thing that links his mind to the essence of human existence, which he voluntarily renounces. Yet it may not be the case, and the taking of the decision will be an evolutionary leap leading to the rise of new humanity.


The production Robot Radius has accrued from a free dialogue with Karel Čapek’s drama R.U.R., which premiered a century ago. The themes the writer tackled are viewed through the prism of the 21st century, its new challenges and tendencies, such alarming phenomena as climate change, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering …


In a creative symbiosis, the stage is entered by living artists and state-of-the-art technologies. We experiment with augmented reality, applying the motion capture technology. The movement of Radim Vizváry, performing the Robot, shows on the screen in real time by means of sensors fixed on his body. The actor is thus able to shape the picture directly. Interactive too is the live music, as played by the guitarist Michal Pavlíček, with the capture of the sound triggering or changing that which is unfurling on the screen. The result in visualisation of a human idea expressed through movement and sound.


The project was created in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner General for the Participation of the Czech Republic in EXPO 2020. At the end of October 2021, Robot Radius was presented in Dubai to visitors from all over the world.


“We asked Radim Vizváry to adapt Čapek’s play R.U.R. for two reasons. The first is that  2021 marks the centenary of the drama’s premiere at the National Theatre, the second is that  mime will remove language barriers at the EXPO in Dubai, where the production will be staged in celebration of the R.U.R. anniversary,” Jiří František Potužník, Comissioner General, explained, adding: “We initiated the project back in 2019, and owing to the PPF Foundation it will employ a brand-new ‘sci-fi’ stage technology worthy of Laterna magika.”


WARNING: Suitable for audience from 15 years. 

Program and cast

Approximate running time: 1 hour, no intermission


Creative team

Concept - Radim Vizváry

Screen play and Stage director - Miřenka Čechová

Music - Michal Pavlíček

Visual dramaturgy - Amador Artiga

Costumes - Marek Cpin

Light design - Karel Šimek

Sound design - Michal Pavlíček; Martin Tvrdý

Digital technology - Jan Hladil; František Pecháček


Voiceover: Jindřiška Dudziaková & David Matásek

The New Stage

A theatre building constructed in 1983, a stage with a specific dramaturgy. You can see there Laterna magika and Drama performances and a number of other original projects.


The New Stage today


After a period of 18 years independence (1992–2009) when the New Stage served as home stage for e ensemble Laterna magika, the New Stage became part of the National Theatre in January 2010, so did the Laterna magika ensemble.


The New Stage of the National Theatre serves nowadays as an open space for performing arts with its separate management, a separate managerial unit within the National Theatre. The programming focuses primarily on contemporary cultural trends. The spotlight is aimed at contemporary dance, progressive drama alternatives, interactive performances, urban culture phenomena, multimedia projects, family programs and more. The New Stage has been since January 2010 playing an active part at the cultural scene in Prague providing the original concept of creative artistic institution within the structure of National Theatre.


The New Stage is open to both Czech and international audience and the programming meets the needs of both audiences. The repertoire of the New Stage can be divided into three parts: performances  by the Drama and Ballet Ensemble of the National Theatre and performances by the artistic ensemble Laterna magika. The remaining third of the repertoire is devoted to international guest performances, local and international co-productions, emerging artists in theatre and visual arts, contemporary dance, workshops, conferences, festivals and other accompanying programs. The repertoire of the New Stage includes also a wide-range of special projects and one-off events that take place both in the New Stage building as well as the piazzeta of the National Theatre.


By car

To the centre (Old Town), approach on Masarykovo nábřeží (Masaryk embankment) in the direction from the Dancing House, at the fork crossroads in front of the National Theatre turn right to Divadelní street and then right again to Ostrovní street to the National Theatre car park. Parking costs 50 CZK/h. 


By tram

By daytime trams Nos. 6, 9, 18 and 22 or night trams Nos. 53, 57, 58, 59 to the stop “Národní divadlo”, by daytime tram No. 17 to the stop “Národní divadlo”.


By metro

To the station “Můstek”, line B (yellow), and then by foot along Národní street, or to the station “Karlovo náměstí” and then two stops by trams No. 6, 18 or 22 to the stop “Národní divadlo” To the station “Staroměstská”, line A (green), and then two stops by tram No. 17 to the stop “Národní divadlo”. 

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