Aspects of Alice

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The Storyline

As Lewis Carroll makes the acquaintece of a little girl on the verge of losing her life, he helps her—with a touch of imagination—to experience all the wonderful moments of growing up: awakening identity, first loves, and awareness of adult life, which must take in not only laughter and joy but tears and sadness: all the things she has never had a chance to know.

Accompanied by the classical music of Bedřich Smetana (My Fatherland) and Antonín Dvořák (Slavic Dances), the story takes place in Old Prague, a city full of architectural jewels and rich histories. This setting not only revels in a fully Czech backdrop but also shows Prague as the crossroads of Christian and Jewish culture.

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Black-Light Theatre

Believe it or not, black-light theater is one big optical illusion (the black cabinet trick), which takes advantage of your imperfect human eye: that you can’t distinguish black-on-black. Puppets and props, controlled by actors dressed in black, seem to move of their own accord right in front of you. Only music, expressive dance, and specific technical tricks communicate the story for the audience, without the use of spoken word.

The basic black cabinet trick has been around a long time, originating from China where it was being used to amuse Chinese emperors. Due to its success, the trick later spread to Japan in the 18th century, where it was employed in Japanese bunraku puppet theaters. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Georges Méliès, a French illusionist and filmmaker, began to use the black-light trick for his productions. It soon caught on and in the 1950s the trick appeared in a play by avant-garde French puppeteers—George Lafaye is regarded as the father of black-light theater to this day. But let’s not forget that the trick was also employed by other masters of theater, for example Stanislavski in his famous production “The Blue Bird”.

Since its beginning in the 1980s, Ta Fantastika Theater has fostered intensive work with actors and dramatic situations to create the poetry that is black-light theater. It has pioneered the use of unique and patented technical tricks such as actors flying in space, or large-screen projections combining with live action and larger-than-life puppets.

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