Antología - The best of Black Light Theatre Srnec

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May 2022

The performance is a selection of eight scenes from the work of Black Light Theatre Srnec since its foundation in 1961 – e.g., The Flying Bicycle, What’s next?, White Pierrot in Black, or The Week of Dreams.

You will learn what your underwear is doing when you’re not looking. We will demonstrate that street-lamps can be human’s most dangerous foes. We will persuade you that animals are much more intelligent than you may have thought. Simply, get ready that with us nothing is how you would expect it to be. A non-verbal (without words) show full of witty humour, dance and black-light theatre skill will not only put you in a good mood but it will also show you how some qualities of human nature, that we meet every day, can be dealt with.

Program and cast

SRNEC Theatre

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